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In the twilight of the days surrounding the 21st December (the winter solstice or midwinter) a casual visitor wandering in the area of Twente just might catch the melancholic, haunting sound of one of the most mysterious of tradtional instruments, the midwinterhorn. The enduring tradition of playing this unique wooden instrument in the period between the first Sunday in Advent and Epiphany (Driekoningen, 6th January) is still cultivated in this eastern part of the province Overijssel, bordered by the rivers Regge and Dinkel, as well as in the neighboring Achterhoek(province Gelderland) and some adjacent German locations.

The midwinterhorn is rarely discussed today and since it was never as popular as the fiddle, bagpipe or shawm, it is more typically a subject for ethnomusicologists. Nevertheless, the midwinterhorn played a considerable role in the lives of countryfolk of times past and thanks to the folklore movements in the 1950s, it has enjoyed a revival today, resulting in a nomination on the
UNESCO World Heritage Dutch List.

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